KVZ offers global physical distribution for the US Territory.

KVZ Music Ltd. offers now its clients the possibility for a global physical CD distribution to the main Music retail shops in the USA, such as Tower.com, Amazon.com and Barns and Noble. For more detailed informations please contact us at artists@kvzmusic.com
KVZ Music Ltd., – Vienna Office

HitMan Records – USA

The US Independent Record Label from Nashville HitMan Records Inc. joined the distribution Network of KVZ Music Ltd.
KVZ Music Ltd.

Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov

Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov are one of the brightest Bulgarian artists nowadays. They won for Bulgaria Place N 5 at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. The appearance on Eurovision 2007 helped them to get quite popular with their mixture of exotic drum sessions and Folklore traditional music also outside the borders of Bulgaria. Their Album “DrumBoy” will be digitally and worldwide distributed by KVZ Music – Silvernoise.
KVZ Music Ltd., Vienna

KVZ Music Publishing

KVZ Music Ltd. starts its services also as a Music Publisher. Our company offers two publishing options for administration and licensing of music for Internet, TV and Advertisement legal usage worldwide:

1) Composers`rights Publishing
2) Master rights (of ready produced recordings) Publishing

KVZ Music Ltd.

iTunes – Mexico

Recently iTunes opened a new online Shop in Mexico. All our artist and the whole catalog that KVZ Music Ltd. distributes through its online network is already available on iTunes Mexico – for Music and Video Downloads and previews.

KVZ Music Ltd.

KVZ Muic Ltd. – Silvernoise signed Vladimir Vysotsky.

KVZ Music Ltd. and its partner Company for Bulgaria – Silvernoise, signed the repertoire of Vladimir Vysotsky. The legendary Russian singer/songwriter will be distributed for the first time ever legally on the internet worldwide – due to our deal between Joker Media Ltd. and Silvernoise.

KVZ Music Ltd. – Vienna Office

KVZ Music Ltd. distributes the new single of Sean McDermott

KVZ Music Ltd. distributes and promotes online the new single “You`re not alone” by Sean McDermott. Sean McDermott is a popular US musical star, with numerous main roles on Broadway. He has been chosen as a backing vocalist by Barbra Sreisand, to be part of her on-stage team and to support her on her last tour.

KVZ Music Ltd.

Music Videos Rentals on Amazon.com

KVZ Music Ltd. starts distributing your music videos for paid downloads on one of the biggest online shops for video rentals – Amazon.com

KVZ Music Ltd.

iTunes with a new shop in Mexico.

Our direct partners iTunes has just launched its new Music Shop for the territory of Mexico. The entire music and video catalog distributed by KVZ Music Ltd. will be available soon in Mexico for Music Downloads, Video Downloads and Ringtone Downloads.
KVZ Music Ltd.

Submit your Music Video worldwide to iTunes!

If you have produced a hot music video, corresponding to all up-to-date MTV standards for Video productions, KVZ Music Ltd. (as a direct Partner of iTunes/ Apple) can submit your Video to the Video library of iTunes.

KVZ Music Ltd. also distributes and rents legally online all types of DVDs and Movies. For more informations: office@kvzmusic.com

KVZ Music Ltd. – Vienna Office

Lili Ivanova and KVZ Music Ltd.

The Prima Donna of the Bulgarian Pop Music Lili Ivanova and her Music Management from Germany have joined KVZ Music Ltd in order to distribute the music of Lili Ivanova. KVZ Music Ltd. will also distribute all early recordings of the Pop Diva (recorded and produced by Balkanton) – digitally remastered.

New Labels to join KVZ`s distribution network

Slivana Records (Turkey) and Zerozen Records (Italy) have joined our online distribution services.
KVZ Music Ltd. – Vienna Office

Lisa McClowry, Jim Peterik and Ivan Koutikov – L.A., USA

The hit single “One Lifetime`s Not Enough” will be released on the 1st of August 2009 worldwide throughout all major online music shops by KVZ Music Ltd.
The song was written by Grammy Award winner Jim Peterik and Ivan Koutikov. Vocals – performed by Lisa McClowry. Lisa`s voice captures the listeners with its incredible beauty, power and emotionality. “One Lifetime`s Not Enough” will be promoted by KVZ Music Ltd.

Kuker Music joins KVZ Music Ltd.

The Bulgarian Indie Label for World, Ethno & Electronic Music “Kuker Music” signed a contract for worldwide digital distribution with KVZ Music Ltd. KVZ Music Ltd.

Joker Media – Bulgaria

Joker Media is one of the well-known Bulgarian labels for pop music. The label was signed recently for digital distribution by our exclusive partners for Bulgaria – Silvernoise.

KVZ Music Ltd.

New Electronic Labels that joined the KVZ Music Distribution Network

The Fusion Room Records from (UK) and M-Explorer Recordings Ltd. (Iran) are the newest music labels specialized in electronic music, to join the distribution network of KVZ Music Ltd.

KVZ Music Ltd.

Sunrise Marinov joins KVZ Music

The Bulgarian label for Balkan Ethno and Pop-folk music Sunrise Marinov joins the distribution services of KVZ Music Ltd.

RightsFlow.com and KVZ Music Ltd

The US Company RightsFlow (www.rightsflow.com) will be in charge from now on for the accounting and paying of all mechanical royalties to composers and publishers distributing their music with KVZ. Sales and streams that have been made on the territory of USA would be calculated according to the Harry Fox Angency`s latest official rates for Digital Permanent Downloads (DPD) and Streams and paid directly from RightsFlow on behalf of KVZ Music to the Composers, the Publishers or the PROs.

KVZ Music Ltd.

KVZ Music Ltd licenses its services for Slovakia and The Czech Republic

KVZ Music Ltd. has granted an exclusive license for its distribution and promotional services for the territories of Slovakia and The Czech Republic to the Slovakian label ENERGEES.

KVZ Music Ltd.

The full list of our Partners for Electronic & Dance Music

For all Labels specialized in Electronic & Dance Music, here is the full list of the online shops we have access to for music deliveries:


Higher Frequency,

3 Beat Digital,


Dance Music Hub,

Deutsche DJ Play List,


Audio Jelly,








DJ Download,

DJ Tunes,

Global Groove,


Kompakt MP3,




It is important for you to know that those websites pick up content and detirmine what to put online considering several facts:

1) all electronic labels must have a logo, a label bio with at least 200 letters in it.

2) the artists of those labels must have a detailed bio, some good quality artist`s photos

3) a good sales history definately helps us to bring your products through the selective music editors of the electronic & dance music website stores.

KVZ Music Ltd.

KVZ Music Ltd. offers its custumers promotion packages with iTunes

KVZ Music Ltd. offers the possibility to promote your CD Albums with iTunes. We have the following 4 promotional Tiers:

1. Tier 1 – Flash animated. Total media budget: £19.4K+ – Impressions delivered: 3 million (minimum)- Campaign duration: 2-3 weeks recommended

2. Tier 2 – Audio expanding. Total media budget: £30K+ – User can interact with the creative to preview audio- Impressions delivered: 3.5 million (minimum)- Campaign duration: 2-4 weeks recommended.

3. Tier 3 – Video non-expanding. Total media budget: £49K+ – Creative contains video footage- Impressions delivered: 5.3 million (minimum)- Campaign duration: 2-4 weeks recommended.

4. Multimedia expanding. Total media budget: £60K+- Creative includes menu of rich media footage, audio, video, mini photo gallery and other visual assets- Impressions: 5.4 million (minimum)- Campaign duration:2-4 weeks recommended.

For further informations contact us at: office@kvzmusic.com

KVZ Music Ltd. – Vienna Office

KVZ Music Ltd gets access to more than 150 international websites for legal downloads.

Among them are: emusic, amazon mp3, napster, beatport, 7 digital, rhaposdy, lala, nokia, o2, spiral frog, virgin mega france, musicload germany, spotify and many more. For the full list of or Partners click on PARTNERS on our website.
KVZ Music Ltd., Vienna Office

Silvernoise / KVZ Music Ltd.

The new independent label Silvernoise gets the exclusive right to represent KVZ Music Ltd. for the territory of Bulgaria.

Invitro Independent Music

Invitro Independent Music – Bulgaria distributed by KVZ Music Ltd.

KVZ signs deals for distribution…

KVZ signs deals for distribution with Lasteri Music S.r.l. – Italy, 4Beat Records – Slovakia, Balkanton, Riva Sound and Stars Records from Bulgaria.

Grayson Entertainment from USA joins KVZ Music Ltd

The indie label Grayson Enterteinment from USA signs a deal for the distribution of 500 titles with KVZ Music Ltd.