These are the new international labels, who have joined the KVZ distribution network in March 2017:
1ndi90, 4Mal Music Management, 555 Records (RU), 888 Records, Aliena Records, Andalus, astro bass music, Atlas Music, Eventual, B Max Records, Bartholomew sic, Base Motion, bastilur music, Be Host Records, Big Cherry Records, Big Daddy Digital, Biscuit Records, Blackture, Brain Media Records, Bright Star Records, Brisk Records, Bugle Records, Bumblebee Digital, Burning Beats Digital, Candy Andre Limited, Candy Andre Records, Cartoon Fresh, Chill Cake, DBE Bundles, Deadbolt Records, deepfoot, Digital Music Records, dikommmusic, Direct Memory, Dubooz 69 Records, Eastwood Label, Eternal Music, Ethersomia Records, ETM, Europe Limited, Exuding Recordings, Faxe Recordings, Festival Lounge Limited, Festival Lounge Records, Flash Slash, Fresh Wave Music, G-City Digital, genetic records, Global Boutique Records, Global Vision Records, Gold Plate Recordings, HR records, HSG Label, Hypnotic Records, Hypnotica Records Swe, Impressed Music, Inappropriate Recordings, Jelly Jey, klooby tunes, Kyoto Records, Level One Records, Leek Records, Lilt Recordings, Loony House Digital, M&M Records, M4U Records, M4U Singles, Magnetic United, Males Music, Mama Productions, Mars Needs Lovers, Mays Records, meatgenerator, Minimousique, Miscenda, mjuzzeek records, MO2 Records, Moonwalker, Music Dealer, Mystical Embrace Records, Neox Digital, Neox Digital Russia, Neon Purple, Nine Sides Records, NV Media Group, NV Media Group Breakbeat, NV Media Group Deep House, NV Media Group Drum & Bass, NV Media Group Electro, NV Media Group Minimal, NV Media Group Progressive, NV Media Group Techno, NV Media Group Trance, NV Media Group Urban, OE Records, Omnivore Rec., Pandora Music Records, PTU tunes, Raumangst Red, Raumzeit Records, Refuse Trip Records, Relentless Music, Russian Cybernetics, Russian Musical Records, RussianPop Music Label, Sciencehouse, Slowmore, SOVIETT, Stereostorm, STMA Records, StuffComp, Sunset Progressions, Swarm, Taste The Music, Tasty Music Ltd., Tasty Music Recordings (RU), Techno Kreis, Techno Life, Techno Szene Records, The Bodhi Tree Recordings, TONETUNES, Trento Music, Trip Music, Tube Tunes, Tulsa Label, VL Records (RU), Vunolideq Records, warty records, Yellow Light Music, Martha, Zebra Bundles RU, ZNMK Records
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