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KVZ Music Publishing Ltd. has entered into a direct licensing and content management agreement with YouTube / Google.

KVZ Music Publishing Ltd. – Bulgaria

KVZ Music Publishing has entered into a direct Publishing Agreement with Google / YouTube for the U.S. Territory. This new business opportunity will enable our publishing department to identify by audio fingerprint and claim directly with YouTube all compositions administrated by KVZ Music Publishing.

KVZ Music Publishing – Vienna Office

KVZ Music Publishing has acquired the Publishing rights for worldwide territories for all song composed / written by Emil Dimitrov. Emil Dimitrov is one of the most prolific and internationally acclaimed Bulgarian contemporary composers.

KVZ Music Ltd./KVZ Music Publishing – Vienna

KVZ Music Publishing has entered into a collaboration with Rumblefish (via Harry Fox). The new business opportunity will allow KVZ Music Publishing to monetise on YouTube additionally also the composition assets of all songs, which KVZ Music Ltd. represents as a music publisher. We expect roughly 10% growth of YouTube revenue for the music catalogs we represent worldwide as a music publisher.

KVZ Music Ltd. – Vienna Office

The Publishing network of KVZ Music Publishing:

1. Harry Fox and ASCAP
3. MUSICAUTOR – Bulgaria
4. Music Reports Inc.
6. RightsFlow
KVZ Music Ltd. – Vienna Office

KVZ Music Publishing has sealed a Publishing deal with AMI Entertainment and Apple Music. We are very happy about the Apple Music publishing deal, which will enable KVZ Music Publishing to receive fair compensation for its Publishing and Sub-Publishing catalogs (mechanical and performance royalties) for each stream on demand coming through the recently launched by Apple new streaming music service.

KVZ Music Ltd. – Vienna Office

As of 27.02.2014 KVZ Music Publishing has become a fully affiliated member with Harry Fox Agency. HFA will issue licenses on behalf of KVZ worldwide and will be authorized by KVZ to collect mechanical payments from all world territories.

KVZ Music Ltd. – Vienna